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Q. Why is the spacer in the kit that I received not the same thickness as the lift that   I ordered?

A. The lift amount and the spacer thickness will NOT be the same, in order to lift your vehicle the
advertised height, it is necessary that the spacer is less than the lift amount. The suspension (lower
control arm) compounds the amount of lift due to both its length and angle and that is the reason why the spacer needs to smaller than the lift amount.


Q. Can I use this kit on top of another suspension lift kit?

A. Our suspension lift kits are designed and tested to work with factory suspension components ONLY and should never be used on any vehicles with a suspension lift kit already installed. However, our suspension lift kits can be used in conjunction with a body lift.


Q. How difficult is the installation. How long does install usually take? Can I install the kit myself?

A. Installation is not difficult since most of our lift kits do not require any special tools such as a spring compressor. Our kits are “bolt-on” applications and installation can be completed by almost anyone with some experience working on suspensions. Average installation time should take 1-3 hours depending on experience of the installer. Although this kit was designed for the home installer, it is always recommended that a professional installs your kit.


Q. How do I determine which kit I need to level my vehicle?

A. The ride height of each vehicle varies due to the condition and trim model of the vehicle. The most optimal way to determine which kit you require to level your truck is to park your vehicle on a level ground and take a tape-measure to measure the distance from the ground to the top center of the fender arch. Take the measurements for both the rear and front and then subtract the two numbers. This is about the amount you will need in order to perfectly level your vehicle.

Q. Will I have to get new shocks with your leveling kit?

A. New shocks are not required on most of our front suspension leveling kits. Our ad should state if the kit has all the hardware included to complete the install, if you are unsure or have any questions, please feel free to email or call us.


Q. Will the kit affect the ride-quality of my truck?

A. Ride quality will not be affected if the lift kit was installed correctly and on the correct application.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. Having a satisfied customer is very important to us. Merchandise can be returned within 60 days of purchase for a full refund (please read our return policy for further details).


Q. Will installing your kit affect my factory warranty?

A. Most of our lift kits do not affect your factory warranty because there are no permanent modifications to your vehicle. Dealerships in certain regions have their own policies when it comes to vehicle modifications covered under factory warranty. We always recommend that you check with your local dealership about whether adding our kit will void your warranty.